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5 Free Resources for Aspiring Pilots

Let’s face it, the cost of flight training can be an intimidating wall for many new student pilots. Whether you own or rent an aircraft from your local FBO, every pilot can use as many free services as possible. So here are 5 free resources you can use to help you earn your wings and keep them polished.

1. FAA eBooks

The FAA maintains a list of free eBooks at the link below:

My favorites are the Airplane Flying Handbook, the Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, and the Aviation Instructor’s Handbook. With just these three books you have access to a plethora of knowledge that will set you up for success in your aviation career.

When you’re ready to move onto the dark side, be sure to check out the Instrument Flying Handbook and the Instrument Procedures Handbook.

And for you chopacopter pilots out there, the FAA offers the Helicopter Flying Handbook and the Helicopter Instructor’s Handbook as well.

2. King schools free practice tests

For countless student pilots, John and Martha King were the legends of pilot instruction. One of the best things they did for the aviation community was to provide free FAA – style pilot tests at

You can choose from a number of different tests to take, select the number and type of questions, and get immediate feedback for how well you did. If you’re looking to score high on your next exam, get serious about your studies and check it out!

3. SkyVector

An excellent resource for studying up to date charts without ritualistically slaughtering a tree every 56 days is You can decide to create an account with them or not, but either way the charts are invaluable for practicing creating flight plans, finding TFRs, and understanding the National Airspace System.


Too many VFR pilots are intimidated by anything other than blue skies and limitless visibility. is one of the best ways to obtain your required weather briefs before you fly. You can get your METARs and TAFs, prognostic charts, and Winds aloft data to truly develop a good understanding aviation weather.

5. YellowJet video lessons

And of course, we offer free lessons at Check back periodically for our videos and quizzes, and check out the forum for aviation related content!

Did we miss anything? If you have any other free services you like to use, be sure to drop it in the comments down below!

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