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I was Inverted

High in the sky on a beautiful, crisp, clear day we look up at the ground above us. My eyes confirm what my stomach already told me: we’re halfway through my first loop. A brief moment of joy hits me at the realization, but I quickly snuff it out to maintain the calm cool demeanor my instructor taught me to keep. Holding back pressure on the yolk as we safely exit the loop I look over at my instructor in the right seat. “Well done,” he says with a small grin on his face. “How did that feel?”. I think to myself for a moment but only a few words come to mind: I was inverted.


Top gun references aside, Yellow Jet aviation services is proud to present the newest member of our fleet: A beautifully restored Cessna 150k “Aerobat”. Featuring C182 wing struts capable of withstanding 6G+ and 3.5G- this beast will make your wildest aerobatic dreams come true. Aerobatics is a great way to continue your education as a pilot and Yellow Jet would be proud to make that happen for you.

Continuing education as a pilot is very important. Pilots never stop learning and you should treat every flight as a lesson, you never know what can happen up there. The skills needed for safe aerobatic flight translate to all facets of flying and will make you a safer and more productive pilot. What a better way to hone your skills then having fun in the sky showing off to your friends and family.

Spin Training is a key component in an instructor’s ability to keep students safe. While not required for private pilot certification, going through a real spin recovery scenario with your instructor can be priceless. With the addition of the Aerobat to our fleet, students can feel confident and safe about their spin training lesson. Spending more time learning and less time worrying.

Aerobatics is the purest form of aviation art. Most pilots dream about executing aerobatic maneuvers. But dreaming is a thing of the past with the Aerobat. Finally, our pilots can fulfill their need to self-express in the sky with the confidence and training they need. Loops and rolls are only the beginning. The only limitation now is imagination, G-force, and of course, the operating handbook.

Aerobatic maneuvers, sharpening your pilot skills, or just straight up flying more. Regardless of what your goal is, Yellow Jet can take you there. From all of us here at Yellow Jet Aviation we wish you happy flying in 2021 and look forward to seeing you all soon.

- Yellow Jet Team

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