YellowJET Aviation Services is proud to present the launch of our online ground instruction platform We are opening enrollment to student pilots seeking instruction for the private pilot written exam and we are accepting applications to the flight program for private, instrument, commercial, and CFI candidates. seeks to provide free aviation content as well as tiered paid membership services for anyone interested in the miracle of flight.

YellowJET strives to be a world leader in aviation and is led by former F-18 fighter pilot Kurt Cantarano. Our fleet includes a C150K Aerobat, shown here. For more information about the academy, our charter service, or flight instruction please visit the website above or

Why train with YellowJET?

  • Save money

    • Ground instruction can range between $30 to $70 per hour

    • You can save money by subscribing to one of three tiers and participating in instructor-led lessons up to 5 times per week

  • Veteran Staff with experience in effective training techniques

    • Dedicated instructors whose sole purpose is to help you become a better pilot.

    • Our instructors aren’t here to just build time, we have made it our goal to lead the world in flight instruction and we’re not going anywhere.

  • Train from anywhere in the world

    • COVID 19 has presented a unique challenge in flight instruction

    • We have chosen to view this as an opportunity to develop effective distance-based learning to mold the next generation of competent pilots